Life is form of matter

LIFE IS A FORM OF MATTER. Loving, thinking, feeling, expressing, suffering and every other movement we do derive from the vital spaces in which we exist. From our early childhood we create those vital spaces or spheres that later on we will assimilate as the ultimate truth and will rule our conceptualisations of our internal and external worlds. Even though we might believe that the creation of these spheres is a matter of choice and free will we are bounded to the rules of very violent social structures where life is a way of coexistence that endows and values elements such as consumerism, rationalism, competition, hierarchies, power, perfectionism, superficiality, dissociation, domination and control, et. A great deal of our suffering or psychological distress emerges when our true essence goes against certain elements of our own sphere. Most clients that seek professional psychological help come with the belief that their issues ensue from within, without questioning the integrity of their sphere, they want at all costs adaptation. But real and sustained healing can only begin with the acknowledgement of those elements that while forming part of our vital space generate confusion and suffering. From there it becomes a process of deconstruction and re-creation of our vital spaces based in self awareness, flexibility and coherence.

Life is form of matter


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